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Curbside & To-Go Orders

We make every effort to provide excellent online order, Curbside and To-Go service, your orders are double checked, first by our kitchen and then by our floor staff as they are being bagged and prepared before your order is brought out to you. To guarantee 100% satisfaction, please check your orders before driving away when picking up your order. 

Greek House Café is not responsible for missing food or items on your receipt after leaving the car lot.  No Refunds available for claimed missing items once you drive away.  We are happy to assist you if you feel something is missing or wrong with your order, we will replace any missing items. Please check your orders before you drive away to ensure that you have everything you ordered before you go home.

Phone Orders

All Phone Orders will be considered by our staff and management as To-Go Orders and/or Curbside. (Defined as Pick-up or To-Go Orders). 

All To Go Orders will be packed in To Go Trays and bagged as required.

If a customer arrives to our restaurant and changes their mind to Dine-In instead, it is the responsibility of the customer to let our staff or management know, if you would like to have your meal put onto to our Dine-In Dishes and/or Cutlery before we actually make your meal. Otherwise, your meal will be packed as a To-Go Meal and served with plastic cutlery set and you are still more than welcome to dine our Patio or in our Dining Room. 

*Once your order comes through to our kitchen, your order either says Dine-In, Patio, Curbside or To Go on the kitchen tickets and this will determine how our cooks will prepare your meal.

Food Order Errors

If you receive food that is different from your receipt, we sincerely apologize. Please call us as soon as you notice that there was an error in your order. You may come to pick up the correct food item.

For credit card payments, you will be refunded the sales price amount associated with the error and recharged for the new items price.

For cash payments, you will be asked to pay the difference of the balance if the new food has a greater value than the food received in error. In the same way, you will receive the difference of the balance back as credit for the new item if less than the food received in error. In some cases, we may offer you a store credit.

Your order will be priority if you come to pick it up. In all cases, please return the food order in the original container(s)* to our host.


Greek House Cafe does accept reservations for (6) people or more. Smaller parties will continue to be on a first come first basis. We have a (30) minute window that allows you and your party to reserve the table or tables before we consider it a NO SHOW.  We cannot promise to hold your tables in the event we are a full house. Please be sure to claim your reserved tables within the 30 minute window time of your reservation. Thank you for your understanding.

Canceling Orders

We apologize, we cannot cancel, refund or give and store credit if you change your mind or mistakenly order after we’ve completed your order. GHC cannot provide any refunds, store credit for non-food items or beverages.

Refund Policy

All Refunds require to return food in condition it was received and present a receipt for proof of purchase in person. We are not responsible for cold food due to late pickups. Our hot foods are cooked fresh and made to order. Our hot foods should be consumed as soon as you receive it, otherwise you will most likely experience a cold meal, which we are not responsible for. If customer picks up order late and the food gets cold, Greek House Cafe will not remake the order.

Consumed Food

If 25% or more of the food has been consumed or removed we cannot issue any discount, refund or store credit for food showing on your receipt. If the food has been discarded, repackaged or tampered with then we cannot verify its origin or issue and cannot issue any discount, refund or store credit.  In order for us to give you a refund, you must return your complete order. 

Please see our section on Food Dissatisfaction below.

Food Order Incomplete

In the rare occasion that you do not receive food that is on your receipt, we will make it up to you. Please call us or your third-party delivery service as soon as you notice that any food items were not received in your order. You may cancel the missed food before we prepare it without any question, and we will refund the amount to a credit card or we will refund you with a store credit. No cash refunds.  If Curbside or Togo order has been placed please see our Curbside and Togo Policy above.

Please note: we do provide courtesy items such as disposable silverware, napkins etc. when requested for free. If we mistakenly omit a free courtesy item you are welcome to let us know so we may address the issue with our staff, however, we cannot provide discounts, refunds or store credit.

Food Dissatisfaction

We cook and prepare our food fresh to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We also take great pride in all of the dishes we prepare at Greek House Café. 

Our recipes have remained the same for over 20 years serving Ventura County.  Refunds are not provided for food that a guest simply does not like.

Complimentary Food

GHC cannot provide a refund or cash value on any complimentary food. As a private business, it is the right of the restaurant to deny  service to any customer for any reason.

Please note:  We strive to prepare and package our pick up items to preserve the high quality of the food. Keep in mind the temperature, sauce, and consistency of some items may vary slightly after being packaged.